Apple iPod nano 4G: Unboxing Video

Vincent Nguyen - Sep 9, 2008
Apple iPod nano 4G: Unboxing Video

After our brief hands-on with the iPod nano 4G this morning, Apple gave us one of the super-slim PMPs to take away.  It took some agonizing to decide on a color, but that’s been the only headache so far: the nano is so slick, it’s tough not to fall for it as soon as you get it in your hand.  It’s too early for our full review, but we wanted to share the unboxing video with you.

Check out the unboxing video after the cut

To recap, the nano 4G is the thinnest iPod that Apple have made to date; made from metal and glass, it borrows the accelerometer from the iPhone and iPod touch for intuitive screen orientation changes and Apple’s new “Shake to Shuffle” feature.  If you’re bored with the current track, shake the nano and it’ll flip to another.  It’s priced at $149 for the 8GB and $199 for the 16GB.

We’ll be reviewing the iPod nano over the next couple of days; as ever, the big question isn’t whether new buyers would be happy – because we already think they will be – but whether existing owners should consider upgrading.  Check back later to find out what we decide!

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