Give your iPod squeezy handles

Chris Davies - Nov 8, 2006

I’m all for introducing children to technology early – strap a DAP to ’em to keep them occupied in the womb, give them sat-nav to help them navigate down the birth canal, then let them splash out into a paddling pool full of ferrofluid.  So I’m glad to see ifrogz’ latest iPod case, Tadpole, is designed to let your little cherubs get their hands on your little media player, holding it safely and easily with two big rubbery hand grips and, should the worst happen and they drop it, giving plenty of protection against concrete.

ifrogz Tadpole

Perfect for entertaining them in the car, on trains, in waiting rooms and when you’re trying to flirt with the delivery person delivering your latest toy, the Tadpole case is available now for $19.99 in a variety of burn-your-eyes colours and for different sized iPods.

ifrogz Tadpole [via I4U News]

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