Nikon Drops Five COOLPIX Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras

Vincent Nguyen - Aug 24, 2006
Nikon Drops Five COOLPIX Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras

First up is the COOLPIX S10 (on the right), featuring a 6.0-megapixels with 10x optical zoom, pre-loaded video and image editing software, 2.5-inch LCD with swivel, 16MB of memory and Vibration Reduction. There’s no mentioning of a memory expansion slot, which is highly odd since the 16MB of onboard memory is hardly enough for no more than a couple of coolpix-l5.jpgshots. I had to dig around a little to confirm that the S10 does support SD card. Available in September for $399.95

Second is the COOLPIX L5 (on the left) featuring a 7.2-megapixels with 5x optical zoom. There’s the standard SD memory slot and Vibration Reduction, priced at $299.95.

coolpix-l6.jpg Third is the COOLPIX L6 (on the right), comes with 6-megapixels and 3x optical zoom. One full charge allows for capturing up to 1,000 pictures, comes with 23MB of internal memory, and priced at $199.95.


The COOLPIX S9 (on the left)is much thinner and more portable than the previous models mentioned above. It’s got 6.1-megapixels and 3x optical zoom. Priced at $249.95.


The last COOLPIX is the S7c (on the right) – featuring 7.1-megapixels 3x optical zoom, Vibration Reduction, Stop Motion and Wireless Transfer. The wireless feature is a nice touch allowing you to send images to your laptop or computer as well as print images via WiFi. It’s worth noting that T-Mobile is working with Nikon to offer hotspot access. Price at $349.95.

The COOLPIX line of digital camera is packed with the standard features yet very reasonably priced – making it easy on the wallet.
Nikon COOLPIX Page [via Crunch Gear]

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