Noon Solar’s stylish solar bags for both sexes

Abby McVay - Nov 27, 2007

Solar bags are a great way to keep your gadgets charged without using any extra energy. However, they are rarely very stylish. Noon Solar has created this line of attractive eco-friendly bags.

Noon Solar uses biodegradable materials, like chrome-free leathers that are tanned with sustainable harvested materials like rhubarb and walnuts as well as naturally hand-dyed hemp/cotton fabrics. On a perfectly sunny day it can take 6-8 hours to get the internal battery up to a full charge. On a cloudy day it will take a bit more than that.

noon solar stylish solar bags

The battery will hold a charge for several days until its needed. It works on all your smaller gadgets, iPods, PDAs and cell phones. The bags range from $274-$412.

noon solar stylish solar bags

SUSTAINABLE STYLE: Noon Solar Bags! [via inhabitat]

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