Optimus Maximus on show at Wired Store NYC

Chris Davies - Nov 21, 2007

Things are racing along with the Optimus Maximus keyboard project, as the OLED-blessed ‘board that Wired once included in their vaporware top-ten now features – in fully operational form, of course – at the Wired Store in NYC.  Meanwhile, the Optimus blog has been full of the final preparations for launch, documenting everything from box design and the shape of the polystyrene tray, to details of the iconography evolution. 


As we reported earlier this month, Optimus have already sold out of their original manufacturing run, meaning you’ll have to take a number and wait for the next batch if you’ve scraped together the money needed.  Art Lebedev’s original plan was to offer various versions of the keyboard, differentiated by some or all of the keys bearing the trick OLEDs (and priced accordingly); so far there’s no word on what exactly they have planned for the sub-$500 configuration.

Optimus Maximus at Wired Store NYC

Expect to see massively over-priced Optimus Maximus on eBay very soon!

Optimus Maximus at Wired Store NYC

via Optimus Blog

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