PSP rumor surfaces again in Sony Magazine

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 18, 2008

If I had a nickel for every time I heard rumor about a PSP phone, I probably wouldn’t be rich, but I’d have quite a few nickels on my hands. What’s interesting is that this time the rumor is coming from the Official Sony Magazine.

Here’s what I don’t understand about this rumor. If you’re the “official” magazine of Sony, why don’t you actually know anything for sure? The articles states “A new PSP-STYLE PHONE is apparently in development.” Apparently? Perhaps the periodical should be named “Official Sony Hype Mag”.

Despite the fact that this came from an official magazine, I’m going to say that this is a long shot. Not only has Sony stated time and again that they have no desire to create such a device, but they just released Skype for the PSP. Why would they release something like that when they’ve got a mobile phone in the works? It really just doesn’t add up.

[via PhoneMag]

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