Samsung 8MP CMOS for mobile phones – could mean 8MP stills from your phone by next year

James Allan Brady - Nov 15, 2007

Imagine how small your digital camera could be if you had a camera module, including CMOS, which was about 10mm, cubed in size. It’s actually 10.5×11.5×9.4 millimeters in size, but you get the idea.

It apparently already exists, and has been made by Samsung. However it will be used in mobile phones as I hope that you’ve come to expect better lenses than those offered from a mobile phone cam.

The best part is that right around the time you start seeing Android phones, the OS that more or less requires a fairly powerful mobile graphics chip, yeah, that’s about the same time you’ll see a camera on a phone taking those 8MP shots. Kind of fitting no? anywho, they are going into mass production in the first two quarters of next year.

Samsung Paves the Way for the 8-Megapixel Camera Phone [via gizmodo]

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