Sony Facing PS3 Production Woes?

Benjamin Nied - Aug 25, 2006

After what has been some good news on the Sony front (the announcement that 27 PS3 games would be on-hand at TGS), it appears that Sony is in for some more pain, this time in the form of analyst doubts. Specifically, Mitsubishi UJF Securities of Japan has dropped Sony’s rating from a 3 to a 2, predicting that Sony’s 6 million PS3s sold mark will miss – by about 3 million consoles. As a result, they will only have sold 3 million consoles by the end of this fiscal year, March 31st, 2007. This has resulted in Sony’s stock taking a stumble, dropping 3.1% to $44.42 USD.

If this prediction turns out to be true, then Sony might very well be extremely short of consoles for the first year of the PS3’s life, which could turn out to be crucial in its success. Sony has announced that they plan to have 2 million consoles ready by November for launch – already a low number as it gives each territory only around 700,000 consoles to sell to eager gamers. If that number gets any lower, Sony could be looking at a massive shortage that will make the Xbox 360’s woes seem like nothing. Given the amount of bad press and less-than-stellar rumors floating around about CELL yields and the like, the PS3 might very well be in for a very, very bumpy ride.

[via IGN]

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