Sony HandyCam HDR-TG1 (or TG3 in Europe) – shiny, but does it work?

James Allan Brady - Apr 3, 2008

Things I like about this camera: the up to 1080i recording resolution, the shiny exterior, the fact that it comes with 4GB of storage. Things I don’t like about this camera: the 4GB of storage come on a Memory Stick PRO Duo card and the AVCHD recording codec.

Sure, the fact that it uses MS PRO Duo cards means you can review the up to 4MP photos and the full HD movies on your PSP, but that’s the only upside. With the alarming number of devices using SD cards and CF cards why does Sony still insist on using their proprietary format, furthermore, why are they using AVCHD when almost every other device is using H.264?

Regardless, it’s a nice camera, has a durable titanium body, weighs a mere 10 ounces, and measures in at 1.3×4.7×2.5 inches. You do get face detection, and what I can only presume is a simply amazing Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 10x optical zoom lens and a 2MP ClearVid CMOS sensor with Exmor-derived tech, all of which combine for what I am sure is a purely amazing video and/or still image. Also, the audio is recorded in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and the camera has an integrated zoom microphone. However the $900 price tag is ridiculous and would definitely make me go with the Sanyo Xacti HD1000 which is selling for $700 right now.

[via AkihabraNews]

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