Sony unveils wireless PS3 keypad

Emily Price - Aug 21, 2008
Sony unveils wireless PS3 keypad

Sony unveiled a wireless keypad for the PS3 at their press conference at the Leipzig Games Convention. The keypad will attach to the top of an existing Playstation 3 SINAXIS or DUALSHOCK wireless controller and will give gamers access to a full keyboard.

In addition to the obvious keyboard feature, the keypad will also have a mode that will turn the main area of the keypad into a touchpad. The touchpad mode will allow users to slide their finger on the area to move the cursor on the screen.

The keypad will also have two short cut buttons that will allow users to go directly to the “Message Box” and the XMB’s “Friends” icon during gameplay.

The keypad is also a Bluetooth device that can be used with any other Bluetooth enabled device that has keyboard functionality. That means you could theoretically use the keypad with something like your smartphone or GPS as well as your Playstation.

Look for the PS3 Wireless Keypad to hit stores sometime in November.

[via Playstation]

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