Strip me and ogle me: AppleTV unboxed

Chris Davies - Mar 21, 2007

Those crafty brutes over at Gizmodo have roughly stripped a new AppleTV unit of its slick packaging and – just to really drive the embarrassment home – they’ve photographed the whole damn trauma.  Frankly, while pleasantly enough designed, it’s not exactly the most eye-stunning of gadgets; there’s only so much visual magic you can confer with a silver slab.

AppleTV unboxing

More distressing, however, is the absence of cables – aside from the power-cord, that is.  Remember to factor that in to any intended purchase.

AppleTV unboxing

Shouldn’t be long until the reviews start creeping out; I wonder how the AppleTV will stand up in comparison to existing products from companies with a far more established track-record in media streaming than Apple?

AppleTV First Unboxing [Gizmodo]

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