Super Talent FSD56GC25H – World’s Thinnest 256GB SSD

Ewdison Then - Mar 26, 2008

Super Talent, one of player in SSD market introduced their newest SSD, the FSD56GC25H. It’s a 2.5-inch SSD using SATA-I interface and measuring only 12.5mm thick which is around 40-percent thinner than other 256GB SSD in the market making it the thinnest SSD in that capacity.

The FSD56GC25H has maximum sequential read speed of 65MB/sec and 50MB/sec sequential write speed. It also features ECC or Error-Correcting Code to ensure data correction on a single failed bit.

Now we are seeing trends of SSD manufacturers pushing the enveloped – largest SSD, thinnest SSD, and fastest SSD are being announced “almost” every month. So is this a sign that SSD development has speeds up?

[Product Specs – PDF]

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