VIA Nano goes head to head with Atom in 1080p playback

Chris Davies - Aug 4, 2008

Nothing like some smack-talk to start your week, and VIA have obviously decided they’ve heard enough about Intel’s Atom while their own Nano CPU gets relatively overlooked.  Best way to distract attention?  Slap some 1080p high-definition video onto both a 1.6GHz Atom-powered ASUS Eee and VIA’s own OpenBook reference design, and video the resulting playback.

Check out VIA’s video after the cut

The OpenBook in question is using a 1.3GHz Nano processor and running Windows XP.  As you can see in the video, it certainly does a better job at playing the 1080p video smoothly.

There are the inevitable arguments about what role the graphics chipset had to play in it all, and what exactly the Nano processor itself was doing.  However the biggest issue is availability; despite rumors, there are still no notebooks commercially available based on VIA’s OpenBook reference, or even using the Nano CPU.

[Thanks Paul!]

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